Wood of Words

Thank you to Wood of Words for these lovely bookplates!

Anne Fine

A message from Anne Fine

Bookbird bookplate by Sarah Garland

Fly with the bookbird to discover all the bookplates

Catherine Tammaro's colourful bookplate

There are some lovely full-colour bookplates...

Bookplate by Jane Ray

...and lots of lovely Black & White Book Plates too!

Wood of Words

When My Home Library celebrated its tenth birthday, Wood of Words gave us a present!

Wood of Words is a reading and creative writing website for children and families, and they persuaded some leading illustrators to design us some brand new bookplates! Between September 2013 and January 2014, exclusive 'Wood of Words' themed bookplates were released on the Wood of Words Facebook, Twitter (@WoodofWords) and Pinterest pages - and here, ready to be printed and pasted into your home library!

Shirin Adl
’s bookplate #1

Shirin Adl

Joel Stewart’s bookplate #1

Joel Stewart

Kim Lewis’s bookplate #1

Kim Lewis

David Lucas’s bookplate #1

David Lucas

Laura Carlin’s bookplate #1

Laura Carlin

Gwen Millward’s bookplate #1

Gwen Millward

Freya Blackwood’s bookplate #1

Freya Blackwood

Christopher Corr’s bookplate #1

Christopher Corr

Jackie Morris’s bookplate #1

Jackie Morris